My story.

I unleash the power of entrepreneurship to solve the challenges we face today.


Making meaningful impact together

It is often assumed that only startups have the future when it comes to developing breakthrough products and services. But that is not as obvious as most people claim. I believe that proven methodologies and earned assets can beat the odds. That’s why I not only help startups, but also large organisations to build scalable products in “startup style”.


Making meaningful impact together

Startups have a unique ability to innovate and disrupt markets with their breakthrough products and services. As an advocate for startups, I believe in their potential to create meaningful impact. By supporting startups, I am contributing to their growth, while also helping to drive economic and social change. My goal is to help the future of startups and the positive impact they can have.

Who Am I?

Floris Meulensteen

Startup Developer

Hi, my name is Floris, and I am the founder of Millstone. Currently, I am working as a self-employed startup developer to create, accelerate and scale new businesses. The reason why I started this firm is to make the world a better place. I believe the best way to achieve this goal is to work alongside with ambitious startups that also want to make this kind of impact. That is why I encourage every atmosphere with my clients where we can effectively co-create value for other people.

Let’s create a bright future together.

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