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14 step-by-step lessons on how to build a startup

Day 1:

The wrong approach to entrepreneurship

The history of entrepreneurship and what we know now best.

Day 2:

Why startups fail

What defines a startup and why do most fail to ensure longevity.

Day 3:

Customer development

Steve Blank’s 4-step framework about customer development.

Day 4:

Business Model Canvas

The logic of how a startup delivers value and makes money.

Day 5:

Market analysis

How to determine the market size of your startup.

Day 6:


The characteristics of the most important customer segment.

Day 7:

Decision Making Unit

How to determine who takes part in the decision-making process.

Day 8:

Solution discovery

How to distinguish your startup from existing alternatives.

Day 9-14:

Consistent growth

How to become a scale-up with the least amount of risk.

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