Supercharge Startup Growth

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur longing for faster growth and increased profitability? Look no further. Meet Hive, where we offer you the support of a like-minded entrepreneurial community, engaging group meetings, and personalized coaching to propel your success.

Overcome Your Business Challenges

Are you facing hurdles such as insufficient sales, poor customer retention, high sales costs, limited product usage, or struggling to achieve product/market fit? You’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs embark on their journey with passion, only to discover that building a successful business takes time and effort. Questions arise: How can I develop products that truly resonate with customers? How do I attract a steady stream of customers? And how do I ensure their long-term retention and loyalty?

An Empowering Community

Imagine having a partner who understands your vision and can offer guidance on critical decisions. Picture a community of fellow entrepreneurs who have overcome similar challenges and are ready to lend a helping hand. Envision an independent expert who knows how to navigate the rough waters when the going gets tough. At Hive, we provide all this and more. With a blueprint of milestones tailored to your goals, you’ll have a clear path to steer your business towards success.

The Road to Success Demands Support

You’ve probably heard about overnight success stories in the news, where companies raise millions in investments. However, what’s often overlooked are the arduous journeys these companies had to undertake, and the failures that rarely make headlines. It’s understandable that as a budding entrepreneur, you seek a shortcut to success, but it’s not as easy as it seems.





We Understand Your Growth Needs

Meet Floris Meulensteen, the founder of Millstone, renowned for his expertise in the startup sector. Since 2021, Floris has guided multiple startups to funding, gaining invaluable insights into the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and the most effective strategies to overcome them. Leveraging this experience alongside a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, Hive serves as the driving force to propel your business forward.

Running Businesses Together

While many startup founders initially strive to go it alone, the reality is that numerous startups encounter disappointing sales figures. At Hive, we believe in the power of collaboration. By joining forces with other experienced entrepreneurs and experts, you’ll reach profitability faster and with fewer financial resources. Gone are the days of feeling isolated—now you have a supportive community that understands the unique journey of entrepreneurship.

Meet Hive

Hive is an exciting new initiative designed for startup founders like you. Our mission is simple: to help each other achieve our goals. How do we do it? By providing:

Personal coaching

Gain valuable one-on-one advice from an industry expert precisely when you need it.

Online group meetings

Learn from skilled facilitators, share your progress, and connect with fellow startups on a regular basis.

A like-minded community

Collaborate with other driven entrepreneurs, pooling expertise to fuel business growth.

A personal growth plan

Unlock the secrets to sustainable growth with a tailored plan that highlights the key actions needed for success.

Acceleration tools

Access cutting-edge tools to measure and manage your business's progress effectively.

Accelerate Your Growth Today

Hive offers online group meetings, personalized coaching sessions, and the collective experience of seasoned entrepreneurs, providing you with an arsenal of resources to propel your business’s growth.

Exclusive offer

1000 Per month
  • 6 hours of personalized coaching every month
  • 2 online group meetings per month
  • A like-minded community of entrepreneurs
  • A personalized growth plan
  • Acceleration tools to measure and manage your progress
  • Direct answers to your business-related questions

This exclusive offer is limited to high-potential startups and limited to only 10 applications. We believe so strongly in the value we provide that you can cancel your membership on a monthly basis, giving you the flexibility you need.


At Hive, we work hand in hand with you through a comprehensive growth plan. This plan allows you and your team to define clear objectives for your company. With our approach, we provide daily guidance to steer your growth plan in the right direction. You’ll have direct access to our experts and a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs, ensuring you’re never alone on your journey. Together, we will work tirelessly to ensure the realization of your growth objectives.

Our strategies for growth are rooted in extensive data analysis from over ten startups. Drawing from this wealth of data, we have gained invaluable insights into the challenges faced by companies and identified the actions that yield the greatest impact. Additionally, we actively mentor select startups in the Netherlands every year, further expanding our understanding of what it takes to foster healthy and sustainable growth in businesses like yours.

While we cannot guarantee growth, we can provide you with thorough measurement and analysis. Through comprehensive assessments, we gauge the progress and performance of your business. Based on these insights, we offer valuable advice on the next steps to take. If, for any reason, your business is not experiencing the desired growth, you have the flexibility to cancel your membership on a monthly basis.

Hive offers a range of practical working documents developed by Millstone. These tools are designed to enhance your insights and empower your decision-making process. From frameworks for refining your business model and analyzing customer data, our acceleration tools provide you with the necessary resources to sharpen your strategies and drive growth.

During our online group meetings, you’ll have the opportunity to present your progress to fellow entrepreneurs who share similar goals. This collaborative environment allows for invaluable feedback and insights from your peers. We guide the session to help you focus on your development process and make informed choices that accelerate your growth. These group sessions are scheduled every fortnight and have a maximum of 10 participants to maintain a high level of quality. Gain valuable insights into your progress and receive guidance for the next two weeks during these dynamic sessions.

At Millstone, the company behind Hive, we specialize in developing investor readiness plans that align with your growth objectives. These plans assist you in formulating and achieving milestones that are highly valued by investors. By having a clear roadmap of milestones, you gain a comprehensive view of your business’s progress. This not only enables effective communication with your team, shareholders, and future investors but also ensures a focused approach to your current objectives. Every quarter, we collaboratively create a new plan, shifting the focus to the next milestone on your growth journey.

Our community is still in its early stages, and we’re thrilled to announce that we’re now curating our first batch of startups. We are specifically seeking startups with high potential to join our vibrant community. As we assemble our inaugural group of startups, we are searching for those with a clear vision, remarkable market adoption, and the drive to create a lasting impact. If you believe your startup has what it takes to thrive and contribute to our dynamic ecosystem, we invite you to apply for consideration. We can’t wait to hear about your groundbreaking ideas!

Don't let your business's growth potential go untapped

Join Hive today and embark on a journey of accelerated success. Together, we’ll overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and pave the way to profitability.

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