Together we venture into new markets

I partner with large organisations to create and shape businesses of tomorrow.​

I create new non-core business for large organisations

In a world changing so rapidly, organisations that are future ready will be those who can adapt and innovate. That is why my venture building process allows you to quickly develop new business models outside of your core business. Together we launch new brands, target new customer segments, enter new markets and create new revenue streams. We take advantage of new technologies, channels and customer behaviour, while leveraging your assets. My goal is to integrate successful ventures into your group portfolio.

Drive Growth Faster

& With Less Risk

From ideas to a commercially feasible business model​s

Do you want to launch new products or services? Let me explore and validate if your ideas are suitable investment opportunities. I continuously conduct new experiments according to the lean startup principle to validate promising ideas. By using a data-driven approach, I am able to make evidence-based decisions around whether your ideas should progress or be killed.

Accelerating business growth

I am not in the game of innovation theatre. After achieving product/market fit, I use growth hacking techniques to quickly achieve results and ensure durable future business growth. I research, craft assumptions, set up hypotheses and design compelling and sound experiments. These experiments usually last one week, so you will quickly learn which experiments are the most profitable for your propositions.

What can you expect when we work together

Customer Development.

I detect consumer problems, pinpoint market gaps and find business models that suits the needs of your clients.

Proposition Design.

I find the pain points and key benefits of your propositions.

Growth Hacking.

I use data-driven marketing techniques to find your target audience and scale your customer base.

Pitch Building.

I create investment pitch decks, backed by validated value propositions, business cases and visuals.

Potential outcomes from our partnership
Explored new areas of growth and created new venture concepts
Validated or pivoted business models through rapid iteration
Fine-tuned acquisition and retention in the leanest possible way
Created scalable business growth by automating marketing and sales efforts

Discover how I can help you achieve tangible business results